giovedì 12 gennaio 2012

Winter Holidays + New Year's eve

I want to enjoy with you some of my pics of my last winter holiday in Ponte di Legno (Italy)
Snow, hot chocolates, ice skating and my best friends.. that's all I need for a memorable week :)
and you? if you've posted something about your holiday please write me down your link xoxo

4 commenti:

  1. Nice photos! I haven't done ice skate in aaages.
    Cool blog, following! :)

  2. Wonderful photos!! It looked like such an amazing time!!

  3. Adoro pattinare e adoro la neve! ;)

    Hai voglia di soddisfare una mia curiosità e ottenere un po' di pubblicità per il tuo blog? Visita il mio blog ;)


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