lunedì 11 luglio 2011

On Holiday!

I finally finished my summer session of exams at the University, and now, among party - swimming pool - discos and nights with my friends, It's time to plan my Holiday!

In August I'll go to Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid, Sevilla, Lisboa
are you there?
Let's meet us and have some fun together! :)

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  1. HEY YOU!
    follow me with google friend connect
    and with Bloglovin!
    I'll follow you back (: xX

  2. Very nice shirt ! Love this look !

  3. Love the outfit!! Denim shirts are always a fav for me! Btw I really like those deep V neck shirts..they look so cool and sexy (on the right person I put one on and it will be horrible) but you sure can rock it! Gotta love the shoes!

    The Black Label

  4. Ohh I like you converse!

    I want to buy the USA model...

    Un beso Chipless by Dave

  5. Hope you'll have a wonderful time! Wish i was there, but i live way to far away from these places :)

    xo Dalia

  6. enjoy your holiday! and i love your denim shirt :)

  7. Enjoy your holiday :)
    i like your outfit !

  8. Congratulations of the completion of University examinations this year! It will certainly be a great holiday!

  9. premio x teeee passaaa! xoxo

  10. like the tshirt.! thanks for coming Ill be passing by! :)

  11. Oh LOVE your sneakers!!! :)))
    Follow each other?


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