mercoledì 18 maggio 2011

Summer Must Have

Every summer a Fedora hat is a "Must Have", mine is from L.A. I bought it in 2009 (:
There are many models in different colours
mine is the classical in a beige/yellow shade.

I love wear it with this pair of shoes

Have you got them in your closet?
Are you ready for summer? xX

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  2. Love fedora hats..still don´t own one..yours is great very classic

    The Black Label

  3. I love the hats and have two nice summer ones waiting until I can wear them! That is a great photo of you and just the hat!

  4. Beauty body boy!

    Besos Chipless by Dave

  5. Like, like, like, like !!!You and your fedora hat!!!!!
    Kisses and hugs
    miss Margaret Cruzemark

  6. there are some new shoes really in right now here in spain, they're like yours but smallers, does this make sense? haha
    love that text =)

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    Really, yor blog it's awesome
    Kiiss =P


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