martedì 29 marzo 2011

an "Anchor for safety"

This is my last Daddy's gifts, without reason, only for the simple fact that he loves me (:
It has s beautiful form of anchor, designed by D&G.

mercoledì 23 marzo 2011

Sunny Days.

 Now is officially Spring, in my house there is the change of wardrobe, and I have to say that  
it is a satisfaction to put away heavy jackets and coats!
There were enough just a few days of sun to warm the atmosphere, and now wake up in the morning without clouds or the rain, let me start in the best way!

giovedì 17 marzo 2011

Still waiting for Spring

Today we celebrate the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy, 
this is my simple outfit to go out on the streets decorated with flags of the center  
and the squares with the typical markets.
It would be nicer if it would not rain, I don't feel spring in the air yet :(

venerdì 11 marzo 2011

Das ist Berlin.

Last week I was on holiday in Berlin, here there are some pictures of this wonderful experience post-exams (:

sabato 5 marzo 2011

My New Hair

My new hair, made by myself before my holiday in Berlin!
I was looking for a "punk-rock style" for this amazing city
I just came back yesterday, in the next day there will be a post about this great trip (:
so stay tuned!