giovedì 10 febbraio 2011

Shopping post-exam in Milan, is the right answer.

The day before yesterday I had my last exam and I'm so happy because I took a good mark (:
Now I hope I'll have more time for my blog to post some new outifts!

For enjoy this period of exams, yesterday I went to Milan for some shopping,
and I made a new look from the head to the toe :D

I want to show this new jacket so soft and warm, in suede, I think I'm going to wear it all the next spring! and maybe it will be the cloth of the next season (:

Jacket, Sweatshirt, Pants, Shoes: all in Zara

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  2. It looks very cool ;)
    I like the jacket.

  3. Thumb up 4 da look... and congratulation 4 da exam!
    XOXO, G!

  4. bel outfit mi piace!!! ti seguo volentieri! spero ricambierai come promesso :) bel blog!
    aggiungimi anche su twitter e facebook;)

  5. Bella giacca! ottima per la fine dell'inverno e gli inizi di colore è un trend per voi maschietti!!

    Seguimi se ti va,
    Bises Bises

  6. fantasticoo!! anche io ho fatto la stessa cosa ;) che bella giacca ottima scelta ;)

  7. Thank you for visiting my blog, I'm following you now would love if you could follow me back :)

    Milan is a very beautiful city. Nice outfit and congrats on the exam.


  8. grazie per il commento! si quelle converse le adoro più invecchiano più sono belle!!! p.s. voglio sapere tutti i negozi che hai visitato a Milano :)

  9. That's the way to go! Shopping for good grades ;)
    Great stuff...I'm following you now :)) Looking forward to seeing you on


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