lunedì 7 febbraio 2011

Always busy.

A lot to study but, I have to go out if it's weekend


I want to say Sorry if I don't post a lot of article and outfits but I'm always studying :(
Fortunately tomorrow I have my last exam of this first session, I hope it goes well, 
I'll do my best!

This Wednesday I'll go to Milan for some "relaxing-shopping after exams"
and then I promise I'll do new outfits for you (:

This photos are from this Saturday Night at a party
I can't stay home if it's weekend :D

Shirt: Zara
Bow tie: Imperial

I feel like a young James Bond

What do you usually do the weekends?
Can you stay home to study?

I really appreciate your comment XX

13 commenti:

  1. start to follow me with
    Google friend connect and Bloglovin (:
    I'll follow you back XX

  2. so di che cosa parli!! io ho appena finito gli esami e sono esausta ;) milano è la mia città e la adoro .. ha delle proprietà benefiche post esami ;))) un bacio

  3. appena finito un esame, anche se ne ho altri 4 questa settimana aaaa!
    in bocca al lupo! :)

  4. At the weekend I always have to leave even for a bit, even when he was studying was a way to unwind ...
    Good luck for the exam and I loved the James Bond Look:)

  5. Love the outfit and the bow tie.

  6. aw what? going to milan to hang out while getting fresh from exams!? what a dream ... i wish i could do that..! :(
    but still i wish you a nice time :)
    nice outfit you had on saturday!!!!

  7. Great outfit! Love the bow tie :)

    VPV Intern

  8. Beautiful this outfit !

  9. Bel blog, ho scoperto che anche tu sei di Bergamo... Magari ci vediamo! ;)
    Come procede lo shopping milanese? Io sono in crisi tesi... :S

  10. sooo pretty darling!! love this alott:)


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